Ensure Juice Safety to Prevent Foodborne Diseases

Even though we try hard to keep an eye on food safety, sometimes a few things really skip our attention. Our fast pace of life doesn’t offer us many opportunities to make fresh juices at home. Yes, sometimes we do make fresh juices, but most of the times we love to rely on the ready made juice recipes available in the supermarkets. And that is where the commercial manufacturers try to take an advantage. Food and Drug Administration USA has been issuing serious warnings all across the country for long. After studying a few cases of food borne diseases, the FDA has finally concluded that untreated juice drinks can pose health risks to different age group of people. Continue reading

Arsenic and Food Safety

Food safety concerns have always been a burning issue. And this time the health hazards caused by arsenic are making big news. What is arsenic? Arsenic is a component present in almost all natural elements and some man made pesticides. You eat this component almost every day. The health effects of arsenic are now much like a matter of debate. Being a naturally occurring element, arsenic can be found in any food, fruits, and even in rice. Long term exposure to arsenic contamination can literally alter the body cell functions. Continue reading