How to Be Safe When Eating in Office

It’s really surprising to know that sometimes we can get exposed to food poisoning during the office hours or when eating our regular lunch in office. You can however stay healthy if you stay alert. Actually there are a few things that we need to keep in mind while eating in our office. An online food handlers course can explain you all important facts in detail. So, what exactly you need to know?. Continue reading

How to Prevent Arsenic Contamination in Foods

We really don’t want to endanger our family health. But sometimes, we do it knowingly or unknowingly. Despite knowing the fact that we’re getting exposed to food contamination, when we show a careless attitude, we put our family health at risk. We do it unknowingly when we have no clue about how food contamination takes place and how to prevent it. Participating in an online food handlers course is must for getting some idea about how to stop hassles like arsenic contamination in foods. It’s best if you can get registered for a food handlers certification program online. Food and beverage industry is very strict about it and has made it almost compulsory for aspiring professionals to have the certification these days. Continue reading

Baby Food Safety

We got to be more careful about the baby foods, no doubt about that. Babies have got a weak immune system which still needs time to get stronger. So what do we do till they develop a healthy immune system capable of fighting dangerous foreign invaders? We protect them from the dangers of food contamination. And for that, you need ideas about how to handle baby foods. If you need help and ideas from experts on food safety precautionary measures, you have online food handlers courses to get registered for. Believe us, this type of course can offer an in depth knowledge about safe food handling methods. Continue reading

Acrylamide and Food Safety

Acrylamide is a chemical. So when we say accrylamide in foods, we mean chemical hazards. Did you hear about this before? What’s that fuss about the side effects of this element. Before we move ahead, you must know that this industrial chemical is used during waster water treatment, fabric or paper manufacturing process. Then how come we find it in the foods? This chemical is not added to the foods. Unfortunately, this chemical is naturally produced in a few types of foods when they are cooked, roasted, baked or fried. So, should we worry about it? Continue reading

Seafoods and Food Poisoning

Can seafoods become one of the main reasons for food poisoning? Oh yes, it can. While investigating a few cases of seafood contamination, it became clear that ciguatera poisoning, scombroid poisoning and a few other types of shellfish poisoning are most common. Seafoods are highly vulnerable to food poisoning. With that in mind, getting a food handlers certification makes a lot of sense. These types of courses describe detailed seafood handling methods which assure maximum health safety in return. If you’re an aspiring chef, you should get a food handlers permit online without any delay. Continue reading

Causes of Summer Food Contamination

You got to be a little more alert during the summer. There are rising cases of food contamination during this season. The 2102 Report card released by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention shows that the bacteria salmonella topped the list of the major causes of summer food contamination cases registered that year. Because of an increasing number of food contamination cases registered, it’s now almost indispensable to do a food handlers certification program.

Anyway, the second major cause of a higher number of summer food contamination is Campylobacter. It lives inside live kitchens and can also contaminate meat when it’s slaughtered. Continue reading

How Safe is Microwave Cooking?

How confidently you can say you’re aware of all preventive measures that can help you ensure food safety? For example, do you know the advancements of the technology can also have an unhealthy effect on our body? Oh no, we’re not talking about food processing methods or anything like that here. As per the announcement made by the authoritative bodies like the World Health Organization and Food and Drug Administration U.S., microwave cooking is safe only when appropriate precautionary measures are taken. Continue reading

Best Ways to Prevent Listeriosis

Listeria is a type of bacteria that can be present in the natural elements of the environment. Soil, water and even a few animals can be a potential carrier of this bacteria. Poultry and raw milk are considered very dangerous because this bacteria love to thrive in these sources. This type of bacteria however can’t survive the cooking and pasteurization process. The food contamination problem triggered by these bacteria is more likely to cause death. So it seems we should try to prevent Listeriosis, food poisoning created by Listeria, through a few precautionary methods. Children and pregnant women are at a high risk of getting infected. So be careful and know how you can prevent the growth of the bacteria. Continue reading