Essential Oils to Protect Foods From Contamination

Can we really protect the meat or meat products with the plant derived pure essential oil? We were recently blown away by this recent discovery. A group of Korean researchers has recently disclosed that essential oils can safeguard meat from the attack of the deadly pathogens. Best known for their medicinal properties and nutritious substances, the essential oils have antimicrobial agents that can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in foods. Is this a matter to cheer? Well, let’s find out. Continue reading

How a Livestock Farm Can Trigger Food Poisoning

If you stay nearby any animal raising farm, better stay alert. Although the news is a bit annoying to know, but you still can’t afford to ignore the fact because any issues related to health aspect should receive immediate attention. A group of researchers has found an acute association between the community that reported infection and a high density animal raising farm situated nearby the local community. If you refer the study finding published in the JAMA international, you’ll get to know that the excessive amount of dumped animal manure, or lack of cleanliness in the field can trigger complicated infection among the civilians. Continue reading

Avoid Food Poisoning From Mechanically Tenderized Meat

There is so much to know about food safety and how to stop food contamination. Improper food handling methods and failing to take enough preventive measures can even take a person’s life unexpectedly. We ain’t kidding. For example, mechanically tenderized meat has been associated with food borne diseases. The process is generally used to make the meat more tender. But, as you know, the mechanical tenderizers use blades or needles to break the tissues of the beef, or pierce through the meat. But sadly, the method can actually make the meat a strong cause of food borne diseases. Oh yeah, you heard it right. The deadly pathogens inhabiting on the surface can enter the deep cut and thrive as long as they want. Under that condition, it’s basically very hard to make the meat free from contamination. The normal cooking process might not kill the pathogens living inside. Anyway, an online food handlers course can tell you how to minimize the risks with a few careful approach. Want to know a bit about it? Take a look at below – Continue reading

Cheicken Feeds Contamination

Who would like to believe that a mouth watering juicy chicken wing recipe can be a potential source of food borne disease? Most teenagers, even a few elders, love to feast on some lucrative chicken wing meal. But hey, do you know it can be a potent reason of arsenic contamination? Oh well, an online food handlers course can equip you with all sorts of defensive methods. The training course will share vast knowledge on food safety and help to learn safe food handling methods. You’ll also know reasons of food contamination. Now, take a deep breath and let’s check out how chicken wings can become a strong reason to worry – Continue reading

Scary Shellfish Infection: Don’t Get Infected By Norovirus

Norovirus infection, which is a dangerous infection as the name sounds, can spread through shellfish. We all love sea foods. But, do we love the health risks that come along with them? No, of course not. Sadly, you can get it from a few contaminated foods. An online food handlers course can give you a detailed idea about what type of contaminated foods precisely bear the risk of Norovirus infection. For example, shellfish is a potent source for this kind of infection. Really creepy; but can’t be ignored at any cost. Once contaminated, norovirus is almost impossible to remove from a shell fish. Continue reading

Can Garlic Take Care of Food Contamination

Garlic can take care of food contamination to some extent. Is it true? Yes, this is not a word of mouth; this is something even researchers have confirmed about. You can control the food poisoning with the help of the beneficial components of garlic. After lots of clinical trials, researchers have confirmed that garlic can play an important role in handling food poisoning problem. The problem of food poisoning occurs by the ill effect triggered by dangerous bacteria. The bacteria can make the food poisonous, and when you eat the poisoned food, you develop different respiratory problems and other side effects. Continue reading

How Select a Cutting Board?

Anything that you have to use to prepare food can be responsible for food contamination. The best way to know about this is doing an online food handlers course. A person doing a food handlers course online comes to know about the main sources of food borne diseases and start to learn the ways to prevent them. Believe it or not, but even cutting boards can be extremely dangerous at times. Cutting boards not cleaned or washed properly can trigger cross contamination. It’s truly unbelievable to know that components of cutting boards can also be responsible for such an unfortunate condition. Continue reading

Know About Food Safety To Be Safe From Tapeworm Infection

Tapeworm infection can be a leading cause of worry if not given attention at the right moment. When it comes to food safety and preventing food borne diseases, we can say we still need to know a lot and do a lot. A tapeworm is a kind of parasite that can enter and live in a human intestine for days. As you know, this parasite is so small that you may even fail to recognize when it enters your system. The common reasons are basically like touching polluted or contaminated animal stool and then touch mouth with the unwashed hands. Continue reading