Essential Oils to Protect Foods From Contamination

Can we really protect the meat or meat products with the plant derived pure essential oil? We were recently blown away by this recent discovery. A group of Korean researchers has recently disclosed that essential oils can safeguard meat from the attack of the deadly pathogens. Best known for their medicinal properties and nutritious substances, the essential oils have antimicrobial agents that can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in foods. Is this a matter to cheer? Well, let’s find out.

The fact is still under strict observation. Yes it’s true that the essential oils have some cool antimicrobial properties that can destroy that bacteria growth, they also do have a strong smell that restricts its extensive use. There are also evidences that show the compounds of the essential oils are volatile and can alter at the normal room temperature. To know more about the use of essential oils to protect the meat or meat products, you can get registered for an online food handlers course and can take lessons. We can talk about rosemary, clove, ginger, coriander, oregano and thyme, for example.

The benefits of the essential oils are way beyond of our imagination. They are extensively used for several things. However, here the question is can we really use it to protect our food? Essential oils derived from clove, ginger, coriander, oregano and thyme can increase the shelf life of the food. Does that really mean we can use them as preservatives? To prevent the growth of the dangerous bacteria, it is believed that the agents of the essential oils break down the walls of their cells. With the help of these oils, pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli can be killed.

There are records from studies that conclude the same thing. You can try to know more about this through a food handlers course online. If you’re in Texas, take training and get your TABC online certification.