How Select a Cutting Board?

Anything that you have to use to prepare food can be responsible for food contamination. The best way to know about this is doing an online food handlers course. A person doing a food handlers course online comes to know about the main sources of food borne diseases and start to learn the ways to prevent them. Believe it or not, but even cutting boards can be extremely dangerous at times. Cutting boards not cleaned or washed properly can trigger cross contamination. It’s truly unbelievable to know that components of cutting boards can also be responsible for such an unfortunate condition.

Yes, there are research reports that say that wooden cutting boards have some type of natural properties that help in killing the poisonous bacteria. So, it can be said that wooden cutting boards are much safer and don’t possess too much risk of food poisoning. On the other hand, there are also plastic or acrylic cutting boards are available in the market. They are not safe when it comes to preventing risks of food contamination. If you take a food safe handling training, you will be able to know a lot about what type of cutting board is safe for use.

You will hear a mix opinion regarding the use of cutting boards during food preparation. A few people prefer using the acrylic cutting boards, when there are also a few who believe wooden cutting boards are risk free. In any case, you’ve to remember to wipe the boards, or rather clean them thoroughly with running water ever time you use them. Keep a vegetable cutting board and meat cutting board separately. Try not to reuse them without cleaning. This is why we tell you to learn how to safe use cutting boards when preparing foods. If you are preparing to join the food and beverage chain in Texas, you must get your Texas food handlers card.