Plastic Food Contamination

Plastics can be bad for health. Not directly; but when it comes to the contact of the food. You got to know why it’s not good for health, how it can contaminate the food and how to stay away from it. The best way to avoid plastic food contamination is knowing which plastics have hazardous ingredients, which are safe for general use and how to identify them. How can you get an idea about all these aspects? An online food handlers course generally offers detailed information on these aspects. For ensuring food safety, it’s important that you get your TABC online certification from a recognized institute. Continue reading

Parasite Contamination And Food Safety

If you’re not taking enough preventive food safety measures, it’s time that you buckle up and be ready. Do you know why we repeatedly emphasize on food handling training? An online food handlers course includes all important food safety related aspects like how to maintain food safety, what can make a food poisonous, what are the riskiest foods and what can contaminate food. Today we’ll talk about how parasites can be present in a food and can infect a living organism. Continue reading

How to Stop Food Borne Diseases from Spreading Through Raw Sprout Contamination?

Sprouts are considered highly potent of spreading food contamination. Remember only one fact, there is nothing that you can do once an unfortunate event takes place. So, it’s best to prevent it before it occurs. With that in mind, try to gather some facts about sprout contamination and understand why that food is so vulnerable to the risks of food contamination. Here also lies a simple and important fact that smart food handling techniques are important for preventing sprout contamination. The most common reason is the mishandling of the seeds of sprouts during the production, storing or distribution process that triggers this unfortunate event. Continue reading

How Important is Doing a Food Handlers Course

Our state authorities and Food and Drug Administration U.S. have been taking all possible preventive measures to keep us safe. So does that mean we’re safe and we don’t have anything to worry about food safety? Actually, the overall scenario is not so transparent at all. Food safety issues can arise right in the field or food processing plant as well. If the people handling foods on a regular basis don’t have a fair idea about how to handle food in a safe way, a small mistake or inattentive attitude can trigger food borne diseases. For example, if you’re not aware of the factors that can create a poisonous effect in the foods, you’ll not know how to handle foods so cross contamination doesn’t take place. Continue reading

Food Safety in Danger: Food Contamination Spreads Through Sick Workers

An online food handlers course is beneficial from various perspectives. Yes, doing a food safety program is not an obligation; but you’ve to adhere to the food safety standards outlined by individual states anyway. And if you’re in the food and beverage business, you become more accountable. The health safety of your customers relies on your hand. In that sense, yes, doing a food handlers course online is very much helpful. These types of courses teach you so many food safety measures. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention carries different studies from time to time to inspect and evaluate if the different commercial outlets or restaurant chains are following the food safety guidelines laid out by the local or state authority. Continue reading

Food Safety in Restaurants

If you’re planning to open a restaurant in the Texas city, get your TABC online certification without any delay. This is not a compulsion; it’s recommendable because adherence to the restaurant food safety guidelines is almost indispensable for professionals these days. These guidelines are set by city, state or local food authority. Anyway, don’t you think keeping your restaurant customer’s health safe and protecting them from food poisoning is your responsibility? Yes, the Food and Drug Administration Department U.S. also keeps an eye on the restaurants running in the country and regulates the food storage or preparation process for protecting people from the ill effect of food contamination. Continue reading

Food Contamination through Potatoes

Why it’s so important to get food handlers certification from a recognized institute? Because you can’t expect to know all food safety precautionary methods without getting a right guidance. In the absence of proper food handling knowledge, even potatoes can be a potential source for food contamination sometimes. Did you know that before? If you don’t know how to preserve cooked potatoes, bacteria can develop and prosper and spread food borne diseases. A TABC online certification program will explain what really encourages bacteria growth in potatoes. Continue reading

How to Be Safe When Eating in Office

It’s really surprising to know that sometimes we can get exposed to food poisoning during the office hours or when eating our regular lunch in office. You can however stay healthy if you stay alert. Actually there are a few things that we need to keep in mind while eating in our office. An online food handlers course can explain you all important facts in detail. So, what exactly you need to know?. Continue reading

How to Prevent Arsenic Contamination in Foods

We really don’t want to endanger our family health. But sometimes, we do it knowingly or unknowingly. Despite knowing the fact that we’re getting exposed to food contamination, when we show a careless attitude, we put our family health at risk. We do it unknowingly when we have no clue about how food contamination takes place and how to prevent it. Participating in an online food handlers course is must for getting some idea about how to stop hassles like arsenic contamination in foods. It’s best if you can get registered for a food handlers certification program online. Food and beverage industry is very strict about it and has made it almost compulsory for aspiring professionals to have the certification these days. Continue reading

Baby Food Safety

We got to be more careful about the baby foods, no doubt about that. Babies have got a weak immune system which still needs time to get stronger. So what do we do till they develop a healthy immune system capable of fighting dangerous foreign invaders? We protect them from the dangers of food contamination. And for that, you need ideas about how to handle baby foods. If you need help and ideas from experts on food safety precautionary measures, you have online food handlers courses to get registered for. Believe us, this type of course can offer an in depth knowledge about safe food handling methods. Continue reading